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Fun and Educational

for Children & Adults!!

Looking for adventure, excitement, and something different to do as a family?

These tours will keep every member of your family entertained!

Mix & Match or Choose One

Allou Fun Park

Allou Fun Park is an amusement park very close to the city center of Athens. Designed according to international safety standards with modern rides created by industry leading construction companies.

Allou Fun Park renews its collection with new rides and attractions on a regular basis remaining one of the most favorite destinations for children of all ages.

Address: Kifisou Avenue & Petrou Ralli
Agios Ioannis Rentis, Athens
GR 18233   allou.gr

The Planeterium

The Planeterium Athens boasts the world’s largest and most technologically advanced digital planetarium located conveniently close to the city center of Athens.
The 280-seat planetarium, with a 950-sq-metre hemispherical dome, offers 3D virtual trips to the galaxy, as well as IMAX movies and other high-tech shows. There is simultaneous narration in English (€1). The planetarium is part of the Eugenides Foundation, a progressive scientific and educational institution.

Address : Leoforos Syngrou 387, Palio Faliro
Telephone: +(30) 210 946 9600

The Attica Zoological Park

The Attica Zoological Park, a self-funded creation, extends to a total area of 20 acres, hosting more than 2000 animals from 350 different species. This park is located near the Athens International Airport.

It opened in May 2000, initially as a Bird Park, hosting the 3rd largest bird collection in the world (1100 birds from 300 different species), farm animals for the younger visitors and 3 very impressive walk-in aviaries – miniatures of the 3 continents – in which visitors can walk and admire the relevant bird fauna and flora.

In 2001, when the “World of Reptiles” was added to the Attica Zoological Park, constant expansions and additions began including the “Greek Fauna” section, with animals rarely seen in Greece (summer 2002), the “African Savannah” with animals from Africa (February 2003), the monkeys and apes section (June 2003), the completion of the “Big Cats” section and the extension of the African Savannah(December 2004), the “Monkey Forest”, where visitors can be in the same enclosure with the monkeys (early 2005), the “Cheetah Land”, where 4 Cheetahs are kept in a large enclosure which visitors can cross through a special corridor, the chimpanzees and gibbons section (March 2008) and finally the “Arid Lands” section hosting animals such as camels, Somali wild asses, etc. (April 2008). In addition, in May 2010, 2 white male rhinos were added to the Park’s “family” and in June 2010, 4 dolphins and 2 California sea lions became members of AZP's family.

Address: At Yalou, Spata 19004 Tel: +(30) 210 6634724, 210 6634725