• Chalkida Bridge
  • Chalkida City Hall
  • The Red House
  • Old bridge of Chalkida
  • Souvala

A tour filled with a little history, a little art, and one big mysterious phenomenon!

Visit the Euripos Strait and witness the extraordinary changes of tide that take place in this passage which have been a subject of note since classical times. At one moment the current runs like a river in one direction, and shortly afterwards with equal velocity in the other.

You will be amazed!
Your tour will start from your hotel in Athens. The ride will last approximately 1hr 40mins.

Evia Tour Destinations

  • Edipsus

    The biggest spa resort in Greece
  • Chalkida

    The 2nd largest island of Greece is located close to two bridges, the modern suspended one and the older bridge link Evia to the mainland of Greece. Chalkida is the capital of Evia, famous for the strait of Eutipos where you can watch the famous tidal phenomenon.
  • Kimi

    The hometown of Georgios Papanicolaou, an anatomiologist that devised the test for cervical cancer
  • Saint Ioannis Rossos Church

    At Prokopi in Northern Evia. The first inhabitants were refugees from Cappadocia, who brought from their homeland the relic of St. Ioannis Rossos.
  • Limni Evias

    A picturesque town built around a gulf
  • Steni Evias

    A mountain village at the bottom of mount Ditfys