The Sunset Tour

In the mood for relaxation, eloquence, and mystical beauty?

An atmospheric tour designed for you

Start your day with a treatment at the fish spa. The lake is located by the seaside of the Saronic gulf, 20 km from Athens. It is famous for its healing properties. You can enjoy your coffee or lunch there too!

Sunset tour Sites

  • Vouliagmeni Lake

    The lake is located by the seaside of the Saronic gulf, 20 km from Athens.
  • Sounio

    Cape Sounion is noted as the site of ruins of an ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in classical mythology.
  • Sounio

    Here you will see a sunset that you will remember for a lifetime! Don’t forget your camera!
  • The remains are perched on the headland, surrounded on three sides by the sea.
  • Many underwater expeditions have been carried out in order to chart it, and no one has yet to do so successfully.
  • This natural lake continues deep inside the mountain in an underwater cave never fully explored, as its end seems impossible to trace even by employing sonar detection.
  • Sounio

    The view from here is exquisite especially at night under a full moon.
  • Fish Spa

    Your tour will start with a spa treatment at the famous Lake Vouliagmenis. Because of its constant and comfortable water temperature, the lake functions as a year-round spa.

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