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Finest Greek & Wine Olive Oil Tasting Tour

Do you love Mediterranean cuisine, wine, and of course olive oil?
Did you know that in Ancient Greece olive trees were considered a symbol of wisdom and peace?

Within the Hippocrates code, over sixty medical uses of olive oil can be found! Also, olive oil is the base of the Mediterranean diet, in combination of course, with wine and bread!

This tour has been designed to introduce our travelers to the highest quality locally produced extra virgin olive oil and internationally awarded premium wines of the Palivou Estate located in the picturesque region of Nemea.

The Palivou Estate is located approximately 90 minutes from Athens.
Here you will:

Vineyards Winery Tour Tour across the vineyards and the Winery where everything begins. Near the mountain's slope, you will be lost in the endless rows of vine leaves.

Wine tasting Seminar in the aging cellar where can enjoy the smell of wine maturing, a smellblended with the essence of good soaked in juices and aromas glow of 200 casks of French andAmerican oak.

Tasting of Olive Oils The journey go on in the garden of the winery, where one will have the chance totaste 2 different varieties of olive oils (manaki and koroneiko) from our own 300 years old olive trees,which are planted in 500m high.

Tasting of Wines This experience ends with a tasting of 5 internationally awarded premium wines of the Estate, accompanied with cheeses, meat and bread.

Your tour will continue with dinner in beautiful Nafplio which is located approximately 30 minutes from Nemea.

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